Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Child Drugging

Do you know that there are tens of millions of children world wide on psychotropic mind altering drugs? Do you know that these drugs that are given out willy nilly by psychiatrists to our children cause heart attacks, stroke and a multitude of other health related problems.

Kids have committed suicide using these drugs. Acts of violence are linked to the use of these drugs. If your child is on any psychtropic medication you need to look into this now. There are other solutions and it is worth the effort to find them because your childs future may be at risk.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

child drugging

We have so many government sponsored education systems on drugs and the like and mass amounts of energy in educating our children on the damaging effects of drugs.

On the other hand we have millions of millions and now well into the billions of government funding, that's right! Tax Payer's money, be flaunted on making prescription drugs so readily available to our children that it is a frightening thing just to sent you own child to school. Forget the street drugs, our school playgrounds are filled with millions of our children drugged with high category drugs like ritalin, prozac and dex amphetamins. The same hige category drugs that have tips all of the teenage massacres in recent years.

Pseudoscience-psychiatry's false diagnosis. A report and recommendations on the unscientific fraud perpetrated by psychiatry. "Disease" by psychiatric opinion and decree.Making lists of behaviors applying medical-sounding labels to people who engage in them, then using the presence of those behaviors to prove they have the illness in question is scientifically meaningless. It tells us nothing about the causes and solutions. It does however create the reassuring feeling that something medical is going on. A scientific fraud. the time when psychiatrist considered that they could cure the mentally ill is gone. Psychiatrists can't even define a mental disorder.A psychiatric funding tactic-invent more mental illnesses. Blaming the brain-the chemical imbalance fraud.Not only do the psych's mis-diagnose they supply potent drugs such as ritalin(or other stimulants) that turn children into zombies.There is junk science inour schools-discover the perpetrators in True Crime Discoveries.What experts say about ADHD.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

omaha mall shooting

What goes through the mind of a 19 year old in the time that leads up to the fatal killing of eight, and then turning the AK47 on himself?
Headlines blare across the planet. "Nine shot killed omaha mall" Omaha mall attacks" "If only we would have gotten to him earlier!"
How many times does this have to occur before the wake up call is heard across the US and the world?

In a press release today we heard bewildered pleas like:"He should have gotten help, but I think he needed someone to help him and needed someone to be there when in the past he's said he wanted to kill himself," said Karissa Fox, who said she knew Hawkins through a friend. "Someone should have listened to him."

In a prior paragraph we see the report: Altogether, the state spent about $265,000 on Hawkins, officials said.

My god! Is the the product of $265,000 worth of "Treatment"? And what has been the product of this "treatment"? OMAHA, Neb. - The young man who killed eight people and committed suicide in a shooting rampage at a department store spent four years in a series of treatment centers,"

Eight Shot Dead and 19 year old Hawkins turned the gun on himself to take the back door out of the scene. Why? Please read on.

We have seen school mass killings with Kip Kinkel and another by Jeff Weise killed two relatives, five fellow students, a guard and a teacher before killing himself in Minnesotta. In Columbine Colarado Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold show the failure of "Anger Management" and "Death Education" after which both planned and executed a shooting spree that left 12 students and a teacher dead at Columbine High School.

So what did 19 year old Hawkins, 16 year old Jeff Weise, Kip Kinkel, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold have in common before they carried out such calculated astrosities?


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

True Crime

I dropped this page on the submission run tonight as results are really starting to pick up. This page actually take a visitor who is looking for a True Crime, EG Fraud and sends them the True Crime E-Book Download directly. The visitor is then directed across the a nice holiday page so that they are steered out of this enturbulating area on the web.

There is a lot of heavy stuff on the web in the True Crime area, but they are all just violence and grose pictures which are all the result of the true crime.

If this is the first sight you have had of the True Crime, then I suggest that you follow the link ad get the book.

Happy Reading and a Safe Life.

True Crime Discovery Crew.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

child abuse

Community ruin-psychiatry's coercive care. A report and recommendations on the failure of community mental health and other coercive psychiatric programs.Psychiatry promotes that the only "treatment" for severe mental "illness" is neuroleptic drugs. The truth is that not only is the drugging of severely mentally disturbed patients unnecessary-and expensive-it causes brain and life damaging effects. Community mental health is a highly touted but failing social innovation. It already bears the familiar pattern of past mental health promises that raised false hopes and imminent solutions, and wound up only recapitulating the problems they were to solve. Community mental health-exorbitant cost, colossal failure. Discover the creation of a tale and behind the public facade of medical achievement is a story marred by greed,deaths and the deliberate deception of the American public. Discover how we have been duped by the so called mental health workers.Destroying lives-neuroleptic induced harm.

articles on medical billing or coding of fraud and abuse

Rehab Fraud. The true criminals drug scam. Drug addiction is not a disease real solutions do exist. We'll uncover the false solutions and the avalanche of false information that the true criminals use to line their pockets. You've been sold up the river and sold a lie-you've been sold on the idea that drug addiction is incurable. The so called cure- methadone is not a so called drug, it's as addictive as heroin if not more. Methodone is a deception and a failure. There is no evidence that addiction is a brain disease. The true criminals do science badly and the junk science that makes up the bulk of the body of 'knowledge' of clinicla psychology manages to exemplify evry one of them. We'll uncover how in the late 1990's scores of Russian teenage drug addicts received brain surgery in a barbaric and failed effort to handle their addictions. The "true criminals" fatal flaw and lack of science versus a real hope for a cure. Billions of tax dollars are spent every year to cure drug addiction.