Saturday, December 1, 2007

articles on medical billing or coding of fraud and abuse

Rehab Fraud. The true criminals drug scam. Drug addiction is not a disease real solutions do exist. We'll uncover the false solutions and the avalanche of false information that the true criminals use to line their pockets. You've been sold up the river and sold a lie-you've been sold on the idea that drug addiction is incurable. The so called cure- methadone is not a so called drug, it's as addictive as heroin if not more. Methodone is a deception and a failure. There is no evidence that addiction is a brain disease. The true criminals do science badly and the junk science that makes up the bulk of the body of 'knowledge' of clinicla psychology manages to exemplify evry one of them. We'll uncover how in the late 1990's scores of Russian teenage drug addicts received brain surgery in a barbaric and failed effort to handle their addictions. The "true criminals" fatal flaw and lack of science versus a real hope for a cure. Billions of tax dollars are spent every year to cure drug addiction.

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