Thursday, December 13, 2007

child drugging

We have so many government sponsored education systems on drugs and the like and mass amounts of energy in educating our children on the damaging effects of drugs.

On the other hand we have millions of millions and now well into the billions of government funding, that's right! Tax Payer's money, be flaunted on making prescription drugs so readily available to our children that it is a frightening thing just to sent you own child to school. Forget the street drugs, our school playgrounds are filled with millions of our children drugged with high category drugs like ritalin, prozac and dex amphetamins. The same hige category drugs that have tips all of the teenage massacres in recent years.

Pseudoscience-psychiatry's false diagnosis. A report and recommendations on the unscientific fraud perpetrated by psychiatry. "Disease" by psychiatric opinion and decree.Making lists of behaviors applying medical-sounding labels to people who engage in them, then using the presence of those behaviors to prove they have the illness in question is scientifically meaningless. It tells us nothing about the causes and solutions. It does however create the reassuring feeling that something medical is going on. A scientific fraud. the time when psychiatrist considered that they could cure the mentally ill is gone. Psychiatrists can't even define a mental disorder.A psychiatric funding tactic-invent more mental illnesses. Blaming the brain-the chemical imbalance fraud.Not only do the psych's mis-diagnose they supply potent drugs such as ritalin(or other stimulants) that turn children into zombies.There is junk science inour schools-discover the perpetrators in True Crime Discoveries.What experts say about ADHD.

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