Saturday, December 1, 2007

child abuse

Community ruin-psychiatry's coercive care. A report and recommendations on the failure of community mental health and other coercive psychiatric programs.Psychiatry promotes that the only "treatment" for severe mental "illness" is neuroleptic drugs. The truth is that not only is the drugging of severely mentally disturbed patients unnecessary-and expensive-it causes brain and life damaging effects. Community mental health is a highly touted but failing social innovation. It already bears the familiar pattern of past mental health promises that raised false hopes and imminent solutions, and wound up only recapitulating the problems they were to solve. Community mental health-exorbitant cost, colossal failure. Discover the creation of a tale and behind the public facade of medical achievement is a story marred by greed,deaths and the deliberate deception of the American public. Discover how we have been duped by the so called mental health workers.Destroying lives-neuroleptic induced harm.

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